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Chuseok at the British Museum – 16 Sept

Chuseok banner

It’s going to be hard to choose between the various events on offer this Friday evening – the second of three special Chuseok days at the British Museum. The essential session is Kang Ik-joong’s talk about his installation on the Thames, at 7pm in the BP Lecture Theatre, but half an hour seems rather brief to cover the ground. There’s so much going on in different venues that you’ll need to plan your time carefully. Here’s LKL’s attempt to help you (click for a full-size version):


Follow these links for the schedule of events for Saturday 17 Sept 2016 and Thursday 15 Sept 2016.

Celebrating Chuseok 한가위 축제

Friday 16 September 2016, 18.00–21.00
Great Court, galleries and Clore Centre for Education
Free, just drop in – some events have limited capacity

Welcome to a special Friday evening event to celebrate Chuseok, the Korean Harvest Moon Festival. Enjoy traditional music by Jeong Ga Ak Hoe, Korean food and drink, K-Pop dance performances (where you can join in!) and a DJ set by DJ Espio, plus themed workshops, films, storytelling and a conversation with contemporary artist Ik-Joong Kang.

Supported by the Korea Foundation and presented in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Centre UK.

특별한 금요일 저녁 한국의 명절 추석을 맞아 영국박물관에서 준비한 한가위 축제에 여러분을 초대합니다. 정가악회의 전통 국악, DJ Espio의 케이팝 그리고 케이팝 댄스팀의 공연을 즐기실 수 있으며 현대작가 강익중씨와 함께 대화하는 시간도 마련되어 있습니다. 이 외에도 다양한 체험활동과 단편영화 상영, 전래동화 구연, 그리고 한국음식 시식회 등의 부대 행사가 준비되어 있습니다.

이 행사는 한국국제교류재단의 후원, 한국문화원과의 협업을 바탕으로 기획되었습니다.

Great Court

Music performances by Jeong Ga Ak Hoe 정가악회 공연

18.00–18.30 & 19.30–20.00, Great Court

Enjoy the transporting sounds of Seoul-based group Jeong Ga Ak Hoe as they perform unique interpretations of Korean folk and ritual music.

K-Pop dance – join in! 케이팝 댄스 체험

18.50–19.25 & 20.15–20.50, Great Court

Join performers from London K-Pop dance workshop to learn some K-Pop dance moves.

Find out about Korean food and drink 한국음식 시식 및 시음

18.10–18.30, 18.45–19.05, 19.20–19.40, 19.55–20.15 & 20.30-20.50, Great Court (limited places)

Learn about the food and drink related to Chuseok through short demonstrations and small samplings. Over 18s only (includes alcoholic beverages). With additional support of H-Mart.

Social sculpture: ancestor offering 제사상 만들기 체험

18.00–21.00, Great Court

Create an ancestral rites table and add it to the growing social sculpture offering with artist katehers RHEE. With additional support of Berlin Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs.

BP Lecture Theatre

Film: Sprout (2014) 단편영화 상영회: 윤가은 감독 콩나물(2014)

18.20–18.40 & 20.30–20.50, BP Lecture Theatre

Bory’s family gathers annually to commemorate her late grandfather on the anniversary of his death. Bean sprouts are missing from the ancestral offering and, as they were a favourite of her grandfather, Bory takes it upon herself to get some. Director: Ga-eun Yoon, 20 mins

Artist Ik-Joong Kang in conversation 강익중 작가와의 대화

19.00–19.30, BP Lecture Theatre

Seoul-born and now New York-based artist Ik-Joong Kang discusses his work, practice and artistic inspiration with British Museum Curator Eleanor Soo-ah Hyun, with reference to Floating Dreams, his latest installation on London’s Southbank. With additional support from Totally Thames.

Floating Dreams (2016) by Ik-Joong Kang (courtesy the artist)
Ik-Joong Kang: rendering image of Floating Dreams (2016) (courtesy the artist)

Clore Education Centre

Photobooth: say kimchi! 포토존: 김치!

18.00–21.00, Clore Education Centre East Foyer

Try on hanbok (traditional Korean costumes) and take a picture at this special selfie station, with photos available to print and share with friends online. Drop in – queues expected.

Room 24

K-Pop set with DJ Espio DJ Espio 와 함께하는 케이팝

18.00–20.45, Room 24

Listen to DJ Andy Lawrence, aka Espio, mash up the latest Korean groups such as Big Bang, EXO, and Wonder Girls.

Chuseok crafts 공예 체험

18.00–20.30, Room 24

Take a seat and create your own yeon (traditional Korean shield kite) or jegi chagi (hacky sack) with artist Davina Drummond.

Korea Gallery (Room 67)

From the Land of the Morning Calm 고요한 아침의 나라에서 스토리텔링

18.15–18.40, 19.00–19.25 & 19.40–20.05, Room 67

Storyteller Sef Townsend performs popular myths and stories from Korea that will intrigue, surprise and enlighten. Includes Shadow of Shame, Greasy Puppy and The Fox Girl. Ages 16+

Related gallery – Korea (Room 67) 한국실(67번 전시실)

This newly refurbished gallery creates an encounter with the peninsula’s art, history and culture, through the British Museum’s important objects and also through loans from partner institutions, including the National Museum of Korea. The gallery was created in 2000 thanks to the generosity of the Korea Foundation and refurbished in 2014 with a grant from the National Museum of Korea

Great Court and Clore Education Centre

Food and drink 식사와 음료

18.00–21.00, Great Court and Clore Education Centre East Foyer

Complement your Chuseok celebrations with Korean-themed food and drink, available to buy throughout the event. Includes kimbap (seaweed rice rolls), jeon (vegetable pancakes), kimchi, gochujang pulled pork, rice wine, Korean beer and pomegranate ice tea. Food supplied by Benugo.


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