Seminar news: Ambassador Ra Jong-Yil on Jang Songtaek

The London Asia-Pacific Centre for Social Science announces a keynote Guest Lecture. This is in addition to the Contemporary Korea Speaker Series that has already been announced. No registration is required. Son in Law of a Political Theocracy: The Rise and Fall of Jang Seongtaek Amb. Ra Jong-Yil Former Republic of Korea Ambassador to UK […]

New Paju footbridge honours Glorious Glosters

I am grateful to the Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK for alerting me to the recent opening of a new bridge – the “Gloucester Heroes Bridge” – commemorating the role of British forces (and it was not just the Glosters, though they are the regiment who feature most prominently in the accounts) […]

Another take on Shin Sang-ok

The Korea Times has a nicely-timed memoir of Shin Sang-ok and Choi Eun-hee covering their time in America immediately after their redefection in 1986. At over 4,000 words it’s a meaty article, and well worth the read, in particular touching on Shin’s impossible dream of a film about Genghis Khan. Thanks to Michael Duffy for […]

Korean theatres celebrate Shakespeare

“South Korean theaters have launched a series of reinterpreted Shakespearean plays for the fall-winter season of 2016 to mark the 400th anniversary of the death of the globally revered British poet and playwright.” Full story on Yonhap

FT sticks the boot into Reckitt Benckiser

In an article subtitled “Multinational group’s corporate culture is out of step with the public mood” the FT today laid into Reckitt Benckiser for its management and presentation of its troubles in Korea. It was dismaying to see an update mention the “HS Issue” in the same workaday tones as poor sales of the Wet […]