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Korean theatres celebrate Shakespeare

Coriolanus banner

“South Korean theaters have launched a series of reinterpreted Shakespearean plays for the fall-winter season of 2016 to mark the 400th anniversary of the death of the globally revered British poet and playwright.”

Full story on Yonhap

2 thoughts on “Korean theatres celebrate Shakespeare

  1. Just saw this Coriolanus this afternoon. Friend of mine lit the show – her husband directed it. Staged in the round, a circular screen above our heads featuring both live action and archive footage eg masses of demonstrators in France, actors moving between and in front of the audience, streamlined narrative and cast and with only 8 actors. Coriolanus resembled Brando playing Caesar. Felt at times like a staged argument/debate with the Senate speakers haranguing each other across the room. But a fluid, well-paced show and came in at 90 minutes – mercifully short for this play. As usual with Shakespeare in Korea, adapted and shaped with contemporary Korean culture and politics in mind.

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