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Event news: November talks hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group on North Korea

Please find below details of three APPG North Korea events for November. Unless otherwise stated, events are free, open to members of the public and are accessed via the Cromwell Green visitor entrance to the Houses of Parliament.

North Korea’s Hidden Revolution

November 2nd at 17:00 in Committee Room 20, the Houses of Parliament

Jieun Baek

Jieun Baek, a Ph.D. candidate in Public Policy at the University of Oxford, will address the All-Party Parliamentary Group on North Korea on how North Korea’s information underground — the network of citizens who take extraordinary risks by circulating illicit content such as foreign films, television shows, soap operas, books, and encyclopedias — have fostered an awareness of life outside North Korea and affected the social and political consciousness of North Koreans.

Exiled North Korean Activism

November 8th at 17:00 in Committee Room 21, the Houses of Parliament


This event will contain two presentations:

  • First, College Student’s Alliance for North Korean Human Rights (also known as YoungNK — a South Korean-based not-for-profit organisation which seeks to engage young people on North Korean human rights), in partnership with the European Alliance for Human Rights in North Korea, will speak about their programmes that creatively engage South Koreans on North Korean human rights.
  • Second, Seung Hoon Chae, a Ph.D. candidate in Politics at Nuffield College, University of Oxford, will speak on the causes behind the activism of North Korean refugees, especially those based in the UK. Seung Hoon will present a case study of North Korean refugees in the UK and suggest that the voices of North Korean refugees are determined more by who a person is today than who that person was at the point of exiting North Korea.

While They Watched

November 17th at 17:00 in Committee Room 17, the Houses of Parliament

While they Watched

A screening of the film ‘While They Watched’, a retrospectively-styled documentary that looks back at the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Government of North Korea. Reflecting on a famous assertion concerning the Nazi regime of ‘Never Again’, the film will draw on interviews with social scientists, North Korean exiles, NGOs and governmental bodies to ask the question: How have the atrocities of North Korea been allowed to happen?


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