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Art Fair news: Hanmi Gallery presents Jaye Moon, Junebum Park + Joonhong Min at LAF

When you visit London Art Fair this week be sure to look in at the Project space to see Hanmi Gallery’s show. And if you have some spare Lego bricks, bring them along to add to one of the installations.

Jaye Moon | Junebum Park | Joonhong Min

Hanmi Gallery at London Art Fair 2017, 18-22 January 2017
Art Projects: Stand P14

Jaye Moon: My neighborhood (2005)
Jaye Moon: My neighborhood (2005). Lego, plexiglas, stainless steel, 56 x 71x 25 cm

Hanmi Gallery is pleased to exhibit at London Art Fair 2017. Featuring three contemporary Korean artists practicing new media and interdisciplinary art: Jaye Moon, Junebum Park and Joonhong Min. We are located at the Art Projects section: Stand P14 where you will find a methaphoric city view of an immersive urban ensemble.

Junebum Park: The room inaccessible, (2011)
Junebum Park: The room inaccessible, (2011). 3 channel, HD, 06’27”, 07’03”, 06’32”, NTSC, Sound, Colour

‘Built-Up’ is the curatorial concept of this exhibition which considers the complex and shifting relationship between urban dwellers and the city to question the social hierarchy, social control, self-identity construction, estate development and the excessive production of waste. Each artist uses their practice to respond to these pressing societal issues, which reflect their individual experiences and encounters in the city through a global vision. The curatorial process of disassembling and reassembling the artistic visions of the three artists disentangle the threads that interweave across ordinary people and the urban environment they live in, creating a reimagined world as representations of reality.

Joonhong Min: Urban Methodology 8 (2016)
Joonhong Min: Urban Methodology 8 (2016). Pen on Paper, 100(W) x 70(H) x 2(D) cm

Jaye Moon illuminates the narrative details of spaces and places. Her interests also similarly lie in architectural space to create sculptures made of Lego and Plexiglass. Lego is not only associated with play, but is also selected as readymade objects that have similar functions with real building materials. Junebum Park manipulates subjects of the real world to investigate the inner dynamism of a society where the line between chance and decision is blurred. By rearranging fragmentary images of apartment blocks, his video re-creates a bird’s-eye view – a celestial perspective of the reality of our society. Joonhong Min who works predominantly in mixed media presents monochromatic installations and drawings that allude to architecture and space. His installations extend vertically and horizontally, taking shape by recycling materials from the streets, and questions how collective and personal urban memories embedded in found objects alter the viewers’ perception of the city.

Jaye Moon’s Interactive Art Project and Site Specific Installation

Jaye Moon invites visitors to participate in her playful transforming interactive sculptures by adding Lego blocks to keep the work growing. The blocks are provided by the artist and visitors are also welcome to add their previously owned blocks.

To participate with the artist, please come at following times:

Wednesday 18th – Saturday 21st: 11am – 12pm, 2 – 3pm, 5 – 6pm
Sunday 22nd: 11am – 12am, 2 – 3pm

Building a Shelter Together

Jaye Moon: Building a Shelter Together

Jaye Moon also runs an interactive and participatory project Building a Shelter Together, where the audience can become part of the process via adding Lego blocks to the existing work, and are invited to bring their own building blocks for the structures to grow organically. After the project is over, the blocks will be donated to local charity organisations so that they can build shelters too.

Portable Housing

Jaye Moon: Portable Housing
Jaye Moon: Portable Housing

Hanmi Gallery is also pleased to present Jaye Moon’s playful site-specific installation Portable Housing shown the Business Design Centre. Moon entangles Lego blocks within the existing architectural structure of London Art Fair, creating a space which encapsulates the essence of nomadic housing and an urban environment that allows visitors to become conscious of their surroundings.


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