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Call for writers – Bongsu Park’s INTERNAL LIBRARY project

Details of an interesting collaborative performance in July, taking place in that wonderful space the is the Print Room library / bar / venue under the Notting Hill Coronet cinema. Bongsu Park’s multi-disciplinary projects blur the boundaries between dance and performance art. Her most recent work to be performed in London was the two-part Crossing Over – Ritual of Grief. In that work she included the words of Albert Camus, among others, into the structure. This time she is looking for words from us all.

Internal Library by Bongsu Park

19 July – 30 July
Print Room at the Coronet | 103 Notting Hill Gate | London W11 3LB
Participation: 19-29 July, 1 hour slot between 11:30 and 16:30
Performance: 30 July, 5pm

Internal Library banner

Calling all writers!

Here is an invitation to a unique opportunity to participate in an unusual art project. Your creative writing will be transformed and visualised as part of an art performance. This project is organised and created by London-based Korean artist Bongsu Park.

The project, called INTERNAL LIBRARY, will occupy the entire Print Room Theatre studio located in Notting Hill.  Bongsu has teamed up with Amit Rai Sharma, a musician, composer and sound artist based in London; Charlie Collins, a creative percussionist, free polyrhythmic drummer, and sound artist, based in the UK; Eun-Jung Kim, a leading exponent of the komungo, the traditional Korean fretted long-board zither and finally Digital Image co-ordinator Oliver Curtis, an internationally renowned cinematographer and photographer.

INTERNAL LIBRARY is an externalised manifestation of inner space, private thoughts made public, contorted and expressed anew. Moving through a labyrinth-like installation formed by hanging translucent fabrics within the black-box theatre space, each visitor will encounter three antique wooden bureaux – dedicated to the themes: Memory, Dream and Secret. Here, on a variety of vintage typewriters, you are invited to leave anonymously your inner most thoughts. Over the course of the event the artist will interpret and translate the collected texts and integrate them into the fabric of the installation, both physically and through video projection and soundscape. The whole environment will be an ever-evolving sensory experience where text, sound and image blend and become an integral part of the fabric of the installation.

A live performance will take place on 30th July (at 5pm), the final day of the exhibition, where all the collected texts will be distilled and re-expressed.

Tickets for the live performance are £10 each and can be booked here

For you to participate in this exclusive event, it is highly recommended to pre-book one or more of the one hour writing slots between 19th and 29th July, available Mon-Sat between 11:30 and 16:30. Participants are welcome to contribute a single memory, dream or secret, but may also move from bureau to bureau to add to each theme, subject to availability.

You will be able to meet the artist to discuss the project and the ideas generated. If you are from a writing club, group participation is welcome (please contact us to arrange time). The participation is free but there are only 3 spaces per hour, so we strongly recommend booking in advance. For those who do not have time to pay a visit we also welcome your writing contributions via email.

For booking a slot please follow this link.

You can also contact us via email if you have any queries at [email protected]

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