Event news: K-Pop Knight at Wembley Arena

As far as I’m aware, this is the first live gig of 2018. No doubt there will be more. Expect to pay a three-figure sum for the best tickets.

KPop Knight

LINE UP: Monsta X | Se7en | 7 O’Clock | Tahiti
27 January 2018 | Doors 6pm | Concert 7pm – 9pm
SSE Arena Wembley | Arena Square | Engineers Way | Wembley Park | London HA9 0AA
Tickets on sale from 10am on 10 Jan 2018 from SSE Arena website

Kpop Knight


The line-up consists of three male groups / artists involving the number 7, and a girl band.

Monsta X, the seven member boy band formed from a TV survival show in 2015:

Se7en, a singer who has been in the business since 2003

Seven O’Clock, the newbies in the line-up, having been formed in 2017

Tahiti, a girl band with origins in a 2012 reality TV sitcom:

Looks fun.

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3 thoughts on “Event news: K-Pop Knight at Wembley Arena

  1. CB: I am hearing nightmares about KPOP Knight at Wembley. Hardly anyone turned up and they stopped the concert with an hour and a half to go.
    AJ: I read that they sold 700 tickets, which is very low for Wembley, and at last minute offered tickets free. Stopping the concert early is incredibly disrespectful to the 700+ who showed up. I do get the impression that the Kpop industry is contemptuous of its fans.
    CB: I agree. It wasn’t marketed properly. I think fans had about three weeks notice. I hope that this doesn’t mean KPOP groups will not come to the UK.
    PG: Kind of explains why the KCC advertised it. The organisers must have put out a call for emergency assistance.

  2. SH: What was that?! Firstly the groups were amazing. So I have no issue there.

    My issue is with the organisation and promotion.

    The promotion and marketing for the concent was horrendous. The selling page looked fake and the announcements were made before venue confirmation so people thought the concert was fake.

    The actual day started out okay queues and stuff wise but the problem quickly became apparently when only 700 ish tickets were sold. Hardly anyone there for a Monsta X concert. Appalling. The venue capacity was over 12,000.

    Another issue is that we paid £120 each for our tickets. 4 of us went (£480) and yet you were selling our class of tickets for £10 each on the door. A joke!

    I have no issue paying the money to see the group and I get why selling the tickets cheap was important (last ditch attempt to get numbers) but it was wrong and made us look like fools for paying that much difference for two pieces of makeup (only difference for the ticket costs)

    The groups barely had time to do anything and the fact there was no encore and we were practically pushed out the door was quite frankly awful.

    I’ve been to numerous concerts. Kpop concerts and others and that was honestly the worst of the lot. Two of us travelled from wales and two from 200+ miles away to come. Paid for two nights accommodation and that was all we got?!

    I feel bad for the groups who attended it to be honest. They travelled so far for a subpar number of attendees, 5 songs and not being able to get to the van without being mobbed. I sincerely hope that concert hasn’t put off the groups from coming back to the UK.

    I don’t really think this is acceptable do you?!

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