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Geumhyung Jeong: The Air of That Time

The RYDER Projects | Herald Street | London E2 6JT |
29th September – 7th November 2019
Wednesday to Saturday, 12 to 6pm
Lecture-performance: Product Review: Human shaped punching bag pro 2500: Tuesday 1 October, 7pm (RSVP needed)

Geumhyung Jeong: London / Madrid

The RYDER is pleased to present ON TOUR London/Madrid, a project by the Korean artist Geumhyung Jeong.

Artist and choreographer trained in dance and theatre, Geumhyung Jeong’s work explores the relationship between the body and the objects surrounding it. She understands these objects as almost-human relating to them with care and sensuality. For ON TOUR London/Madrid, the artist has researched on the concept of performance and its capacity to activate spaces, objects and audiences. These projects will exist in two different places at once using time, space and the presence/absence of the artist as allies to create a subtle narration. While in London she will approach performance as an atmosphere generator that facilitates moments of intimacy with the audience, Madrid will emphasise on the action and its ability to activate objects and provide them with new meaning.

Geumhyung Jeong studied Acting at Hoseo University in Asán, dance and performance at the Korean National University of Arts en Seoul and animation at the Korean Academy of Film Arts in Seoul. In 2019 presents Homemade RC Toy at Kunsthalle Basel after introducing her performance 7 Ways at Tate Modern, London and finishing her residence at Delfina Foundation, London. Among her exhibitions is The promise of total automation at Kunsthalle Wien, Viena and The beast and the sovereign, MACBA, Barcelona.

Also in Madrid:
Spa & Beauty Madrid
9th October – 30th November 2019
Tuesday to Friday, 10am – 7pm / Saturday 10am – 2pm
Opening Reception: Wednesday 9th October, 7pm
Demonstration: Spa & Beauty Madrid: Thursday 10 October, 7pm (RSVP needed)

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