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November events 2019

November 2019 events
Dream Wave (Bongsu Park + haihm, top left); Black String (bottom right)

The autumnal calendar cornucopia, wastefully overflowing, continues into this month. Even the most assiduous devotees of Korean culture will only be able to attend around half of the screenings, performances and other events that clamour for your attention in the first full week of the month. Thanks to similar diary clashes and inconvenient screening times and locations I sadly managed to miss every single LEAFF screening this year. Thankfully, once we get to the end of the LKFF and the K-music festival the diary begins to relax into the pre-Christmas wind-down. Phew! But before we get there, here’s what the diary for the first full week of the month looks like:

November 2019 calendar extract

This month, K-pop fans can pick between VAV and The Rose. Other highlights of the month are likely to be Black String at the Purcell Room, the Bongsu Park x haihm collaboration, the Kimjang Festival in New Malden … and take your pick from the line-up of screenings and director appearances at the LKFF.


  • Korean screenings at the London East Asia Film Festival continue until 3 November.
  • The London Korean Film Festival runs from 1 November to 14 November in London, and then tours to Bristol, Nottingham, Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester
  • A Japanese film on the comfort women issue, Shusenjo, screens at SOAS on 8 November. This is the film whose screening was recently cancelled by organisers of a film festival in Japan, fearing “incidents that could occur during the screening”. Subsequent screenings take place at the Universities of Essex, Lancaster, Leeds and Edinburgh on 11 / 12 /13 /14 Nov respectively.

Visual arts & Exhibitions

Music and performance

  • Hyelim Kim is at the Vortex with Simon Barker and Peter Knight on 2 November
  • Gonne Choi appears at Pizza Express Holborn on 11 November
  • Black String round off K-music 2019 at the Purcell Room on 18 November
  • haihm and Bongsu Park collaborate in the next phase of the Dream Auction / Dream Ritual project at Café OTO on 14 Nov and Rosenfeld Porcini on 15 November.
  • The Rose’s “We Rose You Live” Tour comes to the Scala on 24 and 25 November, and Manchester on 27 November.
  • VAV play the Islington Academy on 24 November
  • The KCC’s monthly house concert on 26 November features a trio of flute, guitar and piano
  • Joo Yeon Sir performs Prokofiev’s 2nd violin concerto in Folkestone on 9 November and the Mendelssohn concerto in Guildford on 16 November.
  • Club Inegales starts its winter season of events on 21 November. As usual, Hyelim Kim will be in the band.

Special events

Classes, talks and workshops

The Remembering Sewol event this month is in New Malden, 16 November. Parties and dance workshops are included in LKL’s Facebook Events listing.

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