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Park Jieun solo exhibition at Pontone Gallery

A new Korean artist in the Albemarle / Pontone roster:

Introducing Park Jieun

23 January – 23 February 2020 | Monday – Saturday 10-6pm
Albemarle Gallery at Pontone Gallery | 43 Cadogan Gardens | Sloane Square | London SW3 2TB

Park Jieun: A Little Talk - Seoul
Park Jieun: A Little Talk – Seoul (2019). Chinese ink, gold leaf and acrylic on Korean paper, 72.7 x 116.8 cm

Albemarle Gallery is delighted to present a collection of works by South Korean artist Park Jieun. By overlaying Chinese ink, gold leaf and acrylic paint on to Korean paper, Jieun reveals hidden cityscapes through expansive yet restrained brushstrokes. Through these shapes, she uncovers and addresses the experience and representation of beauty and mental emotion, in the context of obsessions, solitude or joy as well as the significance of subconsciousness.

Park Jieun lives and works in Seoul, South Korea. Her work is born from a combined fascination with travel and traditional Korean painting techniques. Revealing hidden cityscapes through windows of broad, expressive brushstrokes, Park Jieun evokes the subconscious emotions that are inspired by interactions with places. In these spaces, one can experience solitude or joy, can be drawn in by obsessions and linger as a guest in other cultures. The artist explores these urban landscapes, exposing them as fleeting glimpses seen through the potent lens of the brushstroke.

These paintings are imbued with cultural weight, unveiling iconic modern cities and landscapes through traditional Chinese ink marks; these elements combine to form an art historical dialogue between East and West, between ancient technique, and contemporary image making. For the artist, this is a very personal and vulnerable journey, rendering herself as subject matter.

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