KJOU: the new UK hallyu mag

K-Jou issue 1

Over on the KCC Facebook page they recently posted about a new hallyu magazine: KJOU. I visited the magazine’s website today and ordered myself a copy of their first issue. If you’re interested, there are a few copies left, but as the second issue is imminent don’t hesitate because they’ll be gone soon.

Of course, there have been other K-pop magazines. A while ago there was Japako, covering Japanese and Korean pop, which lasted for a couple of years. More recently our friends at United Kpop have been producing a nice magazine covering Kpop in the UK – you can see their back issues online. And catering to the growing UK Kpop audience have been magazines specific to particular idol groups: a few months ago I spotted BTS and Blackpink fanmags in a newsagent in Glasgow airport – though how regularly they come out I have not been able to research.

KJOU (I guess it’s meant to be pronounced Kay-zhoo, as it’s a composite of the ubiquitous K- prefix and the French bijou) promises to cover Korean film and fashion as well as music. I feel a little bit sorry for them as they will have planned their launch well before the Covid lockdown, when there was a full programme of idol group world tours landing in the UK. Here’s hoping the people behind KJOU manage to keep their readers interested through the quarantine period so that we can enjoy their coverage of live events when they resume.


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