Korean films at the 2020 BFI London Film Festival (this won’t take long)

London Film Festival 2020 logo

The programme for the 64th BFI London Film Festival was announced earlier this week. As one might expect, the format is somewhat different this year. The schedule boasts “over 50 virtual premieres and a selection of highly anticipated new feature film previews … with work from more than 40 countries”.

However, despite the diversity of the offering, no room has been found in the schedule for any Korean movies this year. This is the first time since I’ve been tracking such things (that is, 2006) that there hasn’t been any Korean representation in the LKFF.

On the plus side, that means that I don’t have to rejoin the BFI this year (I don’t have much time to use my membership, and so my sole reason for joining is to get that slightly earlier chance to buy tickets for the festival screenings). It also means that I don’t have to stress about whether I can fit those daytime screenings around my workday schedule.

I’m actually trying to think, though, what films I’d have liked to have seen at the LFF this year. I confess to being slightly out of touch with the hottest movies from Korea this year, but Peninsula would probably be top of the list. Maybe, with no Korean films in the BFI festival the programmers for the London Korean Film Festival (and maybe LEAFF?) will have their pick of available titles. In the meanwhile, I’m browsing Darcy’s film page and Paul’s latest reviews to see what might have been, or what we might have to look forward to later this year.


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