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Hallyu Con 2020: an online celebration of Korean pop culture

Hot on the heels of KBCE’s Chuseok-themed online event in September comes KCCUK’s hallyu-focused online festival.

Hallyu Con 2020

Sunday 4 October 2020, 3pm
Livestreamed on the KCCUK YouTube Channel

Hallyu Con 2020 Line-up

Calling all UK and Europe-based Korean culture enthusiasts!
Are you keen to join the ultimate celebration of Korean pop culture?

This one-day online event, which aims to celebrate and showcase Hallyu, the Korean Wave in its various forms, will be livestreamed directly from London at 3pm on Sunday 4th October 2020, through the KCCUK’s YouTube channel.

Join us, and other Korean culture enthusiasts and K-Pop fans from around the globe, to celebrate Korean pop culture.

From the comfort of your own home, you’ll be able to watch performances by various idol groups such as A.C.E and VAV, R&B and Hip Hop artists PLT or singer SONNET and many more! These performances will be complemented by unique experiences displaying other aspects of K-Culture including fashion, cinematography, dance and beauty.

And that’s not all! Hallyu Con will be presented by the famous YouTubers Kai Mastro and Lexie Marie and will include discussions, challenges and games with well-known K-influencers such as Johnny, Raffy and Margarita; K-Pop dance demonstration by worldwide famous cover groups UJJN, Risin and IlovedanceNY; Korean food exhibition and much, much more.

Finally, in light of the damage caused by COVID-19, the Hallyu Con 2020 Live in London is also joining hands with UK charity Children and Families Across Borders (CFAB) to raise money in support of those in need. As a viewer, you will also be able to donate to this important charity via links in the description.

Sounds exciting, right? Check out the full programme details below.

Programme activities

K-Pop Performances by: A.C.E, VAV, Alexa and AlphaBAT
Performances by: PLT (members Moti and JUNG JIN WOO), Sonnet Son, ID:EARTH, Turning Table and Micro Universe
Fashion show highlighting Korean fashion, both contemporary and traditional
Korean Beauty demonstration and discussion with Maree Kinder, founder & CEO of UK’s leading K-Beauty products provider Beauty & Seoul
Hallyu discussion, challenges and games with K-Pop influencers Johnny, Raffy, Margarita, Gee Nelly and Jessica Viba
Talk about the globalisation of Korean movies, dramas
K-Pop dance demonstration with UJJN, Risin, IlovedanceNY and others
Korean food exhibition

Hallyu Con 2020

‘Hallyu Con 2020’ is presented by Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCCUK) in partnership with the following community groups: K-Events, My Wave Collective and UK BTS ARMY.

‘Hallyu Con 2020’ is supported by KOFICE – Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange and the programme ‘Hallyu Com-on’

KOFICE connect Korea and the world through culture, their programme Hallyu Com-on assists Hallyu communities across the globe.


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