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K-music 2020 online: Dongyang Gozupa + Dal:um

The second online concert of K-music 2020 introduces some new acts that we haven’t seen before. Let’s hope they get to come over in person next year.

K-Music New Talent I + II: Dongyang Gozupa + Dal:um

Monday 2 November, 7pm
Watch at or

Dongyang Gozupa

Dongyang Gozupa

In a hard-hitting combination of progressive, post-rock and the psychedelic possibilities of the yanggeum (Korean metal-stringed zither), the name Dongyang Gozupa translates as ‘eastern high frequency’, providing a clue to their music – a trail-blazing, percussion-driven sound with the yanggeum at its centre. For fans of Jambinai, the trio consists of bassist Minhui Ham, yanggeum player Eunhwa Yun, and award-winning percussionist Dohyuk Jang, who performed at K-Music 2016 with one of Korea’s biggest rock bands Danpyunsun & The Sailors.

Dongyang Gozupa’s recent successes include being featured at PAMS (Performing Arts Market in Seoul), Seoul Music Week and WOMEX.



Fresh talent from Su-yean Ha on gayageum (silk stringed zither) and Hye-young Hwang on geomungo (fretted silk stringed zither), challenging these traditional instruments in a free and modern way to produce a truly unique sound. Despite their apparent similarity, the gayageum and geomungo are surprisingly different from each other in structure, playing techniques and tone. Dal:um show how innovative interpretations create a harmony between the strong energy and beautiful voices of the two instruments – sometimes clean and minimal yet other times powerful and striking.

‘You won’t believe that they are only three on stage, with the bass and percussion blending and creating an experience that is intense, powerful, beautiful and colourful’
WOMEX about Dongyang Gozupa

Full online programme details are available at and

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