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Talk: Two Koreas Become One in the UK

LSESU Korea Future Association present their first talk of the year:

Guest Speaker Series: ‘Two Koreas Become One in the UK’

Wednesday 27 January 2021, 12 noon – 1pm
Online via Zoom. Link will be provided on registration

Eunjung Chai

We are thrilled to announce our second Guest Speaker Series for the 2020-2021 academic year, following our successful GSS on COVID-19 vaccine last December! The event will feature Ms. Eunjung Chai, the author of “Deux Coréennes”.

She plans to provide an insight into relations between South Koreans in the UK and North Korean refugees. This is a public event that is going to take place on the 27th of January from 12PM-1PM (GMT). Feel free to sign-up even if you are not a member of the LSESU

Here is a sign-up link:

As this is a fundraising event, we kindly ask you to donate to Korean Education Foundation if you are willing to:

About the speaker

Eunjung ChaiA South Korean diplomat’s daughter, Ms. Chai was born and raised from an early age in Korea, France and West Africa. The foundation of her writing stems from those multiple layers of identities, which explain her desire to make the Korean culture known to the western world.

Where she once felt paralyzed by the violent forces hanging over the Korean peninsula, she freed herself by confronting them through her writing, which includes her first book “Deux Coréennes” with her pseudonym “Seh-Lynn”. She is an Advisor for the National Unification Advisor Committee, chaired by the President of ROK. Her role is to improve the relations between the North Korean refugees and the South Koreans living in the UK. She attempts to break the psychological barrier that divides the two cultures and to improve the communication through initiatives around cultural exchanges.

About the book

Deux CoréennesDeux Coréennes is the story of a North Korean refugee and a South Korean writer living in the United Kingdom. As the two women experience sisterhood and trust, they attempt to identify how their respective brainwashing has affected the way they see each other – and the world.

The unique voices of these two Korean women invite the reader to share in the emotions born of genuine dialogue. In writing this book, they share the memories of a devastating period in history and ensure it will not be forgotten. That one woman is from the North and the other from the South matters little: they share not only a language, but a legacy was well, and one they wish to hand down. Together.


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