Collect 21 Highlights

L to R: Lee Sora: Ottchil Jogakbo no.3, (2019). Salvaged ramie fabrics, Ottchil (Korean natural lacquer) and handstitched. Hanging with bamboo. 203 × 127 cm (Lloyd Choi Gallery) | Chang Yeonsoon: The Path Which Leads to Center G202006 (2020). Teflon mesh, pure gold leaf, eco-friendly resin, Artist’s own technique. 57 × 57 × 13 cm (Gallery LVS) | Kim Hyun-jong: White Porcelain Bottle with Tree Decoration, 2018
White porcelain, cobalt, iron glaze, transparent glaze. 51 × 19.5 cm (Icheon Ceramic by Han Collection)

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