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2021 International Korean Arts Conference – Seeing ‘Arts Hallyu’ from Without

Details of this conference are hard to find via Google, but posters have been circulating via email, and I’ve also seen it somewhere on Twitter, so I’m putting it here so that any early-risers can enjoy it. Available on the K-Arts TV YouTube Channel on Friday. If you can navigate the website of the Korea National Research Center for the Arts, you’ll find the notice on their bulletin board. I’m told there will be simultaneous English and Korean interpretation.

Seeing ‘Arts Hallyu’ from Without

3 September 2021 on YouTube
English version | Korean version
All times Korea time:

Arts Hallyu poster

13:00~13:20 Introduction by organisers

인사말 이진원 | 한국예술종합학교 한국예술연구소 소장
임준희 | 한국예술종합학교 전통예술원 원장
축 사 김대진 | 한국예술종합학교 총장

13:20~15:35 Panel session 1

Presentation 1. Roald Maliangkay (Australian National University):
Sheltering from Streaming Clouds: Nostalgia, Authenticity, and Drive-in Cinema in Korea

Presentation 2. Sangjoon Lee (Nanyang Technological University):
San Francisco, Honolulu, and New York: Discovering South Korea’s New Cinema and the Birth of Asian Cinema Studies in the US

Presentation 3. Charlotte Horlyck (University of London):
The Power of Context – An exploration of Hallyu in the UK

Panel Discussion: [Moderator] Dong-yeun Lee (Korea National University of Arts), [Panelist 1] Olga Fedorenko (Seoul National University), [Panelist 2] Je-cheol Park (Korea National University of Arts), [Panelist 3] Jung-Ah Woo (POSTECH)

15:35~15:45 Break

15:45~17:30 Panel session 2

Presentation 4. CedarBough Saeji (Pusan National University)
Magnificent Backdrops: K-Pop in the Palace

Presentation 5. Hyelim Kim (Bath Spa University, Taegŭm performer)
Art Hallyu: Gugak as a New Language for Cultural Exchange

Panel Discussion: [Moderator] Haekyung Um (University of Liverpool), [Panelist 1] Jiyoung Jeon (Korea National University of Arts), [Panelist 2] Hee-sun Kim (Kookmin University)

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