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MAP Project UK: WEL,COME – at the Arthur Cotterell Theatre Kingston

Part of FUSE International, the UK’s biggest multi-arts festival for performers aged under 27, taking place 30 June – 9 July in Kingston Upon Thames.

MAP Project UK: WEL,COME – at the Arthur Cotterell Theatre Kingston

Date: Saturday 1 July 2023, 7:30pm
Arthur Cotterell Theatre | Kingston Hall Road | Kingston upon Thames KT1 2AQ | | [Map]

Tickets: from £10 | Get tickets here
Gong Won: a blurred dancer on stage

A Creative Youth special performance in association with the Korean British Cultural Exchange

‘We have all experienced the feeling of anxiety that comes with the unknown and the unfamiliar, as well as the desire to create our own world. As adults, we may forget about this past, or we may feel that we cannot understand it. We welcome you to enter once again into the space that may seem unfamiliar or familiar to you. We will show you the space in our own unique way.’ – Gong Won

Creative Youth’s So You Wanna Work in the Arts Programme brings you a unique devised piece of work by emerging young dancers which will be led and facilitated by Gong Won, a multidisciplinary South Korean artist / dancer / choreographer, who uses art, dance, and film in her work. Gong won has an international reputation, having performed in Korea, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovenia, and the UK since 2020. In this year’s Festival, Gong won will combine traditional Korean rhythms and instruments with the popular K-pop style, and incorporating various freestyle movements and stories from the selected dancers.

The theme of the Performance will be young aspiring artists’ thoughts, hopes, and creativity to create a new world, and will provide a chance for audiences to experience a delightful blend of Korea and UK dance whilst at the same time see talented young dancers perform on our stage.

About the artist

Gong Won recently performed in Europe with her MAP PROJECT, which had a theme of individual histories coming together to make one big history, and started in Korea during 2020. In November 2022, she successfully presented the first version of MAP PROJECT UK as part of the Korean British Cultural Exchange’s ESEA Festival in Kingston. This summer, she is preparing to showcase to audiences the second version of MAP PROJECT UK, called WEL,COME with the participation of up to 5 UK based young innovative dancers.

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