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K-music 2023: HAEPAARY

Another new name to K-music in the fourth concert of the festival. A completely different spin on the sort of vocals you might hear in the Confucian rituals at Jongmyo. Don’t miss it.

K-music 2023: HAEPAARY

Date: Tuesday 24 October 2023, 7:30pm (Doors: 7pm)
The Lower Third | 26 Denmark Street | London WC2H 8NJ | | [Map]

Tickets: £12 + booking fee | Buy tickets here

HAEPAARY is an alt-electronic duo that infuses a unique twist into traditional Korean ritual music, resulting in a distinct sound characterized as alternative techno, ambient, and dream pop. The band is composed of Hyewon as the instrumentalist and Minhee as the vocalist. With their artistic vision, they embark on a reinterpretation journey, breathing new life into the melodies and lyrics of Jongmyojeryeak, the royal shrine music of the Joseon dynasty, as well as Namchang Ggok, a traditionally male-only vocal genre. By seamlessly incorporating elements of rave and trance, they skillfully unravel the formalities and disciplines associated with Confucian music.

Notably, HAEPAARY has graced the stages of both the 2021 and 2022 SXSW Music Festivals, capturing the attention of NPR, who featured them in their 2021 SXSW Preview as one of their most exciting discoveries. They also had the honor of performing at the prestigious Primavera Sound Festival during their Showcase & Conference event, where they proudly represented Korean artists on an international platform. Furthermore, their exceptional talent and creativity were recognized in 2022 when they won the coveted Korean Music Awards Grand Prize for Best Electronic Song with their track “go to gpd,” followed by another achievement of Best Electronic Album for their work ‘Born By Gorgeousness.‘ It is noteworthy that HAEPAARY stands as the sole Korean band officially selected by WOMEX this year, solidifying their reputation as groundbreaking musicians in the global music scene.

“Hypnotic and enthralling.”

Bob Boilen, NPR

“Haepaary broke the rules of tradition […] With the combination of traditional Korean instruments and electronic elements, the calculated intensity of their songs drew out ancient swells alongside contemporary rhythms.”

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