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London Hallyu Festival in New Malden

Date: Saturday 7 October 2023, 11am - 4pm
Jubilee Square | Cocks Crescent | New Malden KT3 4AH | [Map]

Tickets: Free | Event announcement on New Malden Partnership website
London Hallyu Festival poster

Korea Town Foundation invites you to the London Hallyu Festival – a Festival of the senses where you can can satisfy your five senses through Korean culture.

KTF is a non-profit organisation providing Korean culture, entertainment and food to the local community. New Malden is a heart of Korean town in Europe, and we have made this festival for anyone to come and enjoy the vibrant culture of South Korea.

From Food to Cosmetics, World-famous Songs/Dances, Traditional Clothing, and The game in that game.

We are unsure what you’ll like, so we’ve got everything!

The Festival aims to promote cultural exchanges between Korea and the United Kingdom by actively introducing Korean traditional culture, modem culture, and Korean Wave contents to local residents and festival participants as well as the Korean community in the United Kingdom.

  • Future-oriented: Explore Korean Wave, culture, and foster ongoing exchanges between Korea, UK and Western Europe
  • Openness: A festival where people of various cultures; races and ages can participate and enjoy together
  • Diversity: Korean culture, art. music, fashion, food culture, from traditional to modern times
  • lnteractlvlty: Communicate with each other and promote cultural exchanges through hands-on activities


Diagram: hallyu festival five senses

  • Sight: Exhibition of Korean traditional paintings, writing English / Korean names, Taekwondo  demonstration performance, K-pop cover dance group performance
  • Sound: Music workshops, karaoke sessions and performances by K-pop cover singers, traditional Korean instruments such as Gayageum and Janggu
  • Taste: Experience / sales of Korean food, installation of a cart bar, and daily experience of making Korean food
  • Touch: Taekwondo defeat experience, Archery experience, Hanbok experience, Military uniform experience, K-Beauty product experience
  • Smell: Experience oriental medicine (acupuncture, moxibustion), find oriental medicine that suits you, experience traditional tea, and experience red ginseng / ginseng

(Each content is subject to change clue to organizers circumstances)

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  1. If we wanted to hire a Korean dance display, would you be able top advise availability and costs.

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