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The Words Factory: book launch and creative writing sessions

Two separate opportunities to hear from Hyunju Lee about her new book:

The Words Factory: book launch and creative writing sessions

Date: Wednesday 18 October - Friday 20 October 2023
Various venues

Tickets: Free | Booking links below
Wednesday 18 Oct 6pm - 7:30 pm: KCCUK | Book here
Friday 20 Oct 6pm - 7:30 pm: Mayfair Library, 25 South Audley Street London W1K 2PB | Book here
The Words Factory book cover (detail)

We are pleased to announce an in-person talk about the novel The Word Factory with the author Hyunju Lee.

Imagine if all the words were created in a factory located in the universe. Who are the beings working in that factory, and what is the process of creating words?

The Words Factory is a short and engaging fantasy novel that explores this concept. It is a 100-page adventure story that was released in October. The Words Factory instantly connects with people who love books, those curious about creativity, and anyone looking for something fun and new to read. It’s suitable for readers aged 9 and above, including adults.

During the event, the author will guide you to a journey to this universe. There will be an creative writing session instructed by the author using the concept of the book. The main purpose of the talk is to provide readers with an opportunity to connect with each other through the novel The Words Factory and to unleash their creativity. It will be best fit for those audiences who love books, are curious about creativity, or enjoy fantasy novels but may not know where to start.

Above the author

Hyunju Lee writes mostly fantasy novels for YA and adults. She is dedicated to writing stories that empower and inspire people.

Having worked in climate change, and children’s health, she had the chance to experience the power of storytelling and thus embarked on the quest to bring people together through the art of writing. She runs creative writing workshops and, in her spare time, plays with numbers through her work with the European Commission as a data analyst.

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