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The Ties Through Time: an exhibition celebrating 140 years of UK-Korea Relations

Date: Thursday 9 November - Wednesday 22 November 2023, 11am - 6pm. Closed Mondays
Fuse Box | 2 Buckland’s Wharf | Kingston upon Thames KT1 1TF | | [Map]

Tickets: £5 voluntary donation | Check website for details
Special talk: Thursday 9 November 8pm - 9pm: Dr Jim Hoare: Diplomatic Relations between UK and Korea 1604 - 1905

Poster for The Ties Through Time

Experience a world of enduring diplomatic relations that have stood the test of time. ‘The Ties Through Time’ is a grand tribute to 140 years of remarkable cooperation, cultural exchange, and diplomacy between the United Kingdom and Korea. Our journey begins with the first encounter in 1797, followed by early diplomacy from 1883 to 1903 including the UK-Korea Treaty of 1883 and the British Embassy building, a piece of British heritage abroad in Korea. The exhibition also spotlights Korean delegates’ visit to the UK in 1897 and 1902, concluding with the unique presentation of an original painting by Elizabeth Keith and its reinterpretation by Korean Hanbok Designer, Lee Hae Mi.

Step back in time from the past to the present and explore the vital roles played by individuals in strengthening diplomatic ties between the two nations. The exhibition illuminates the past, celebrates the present and ignites the flame of future relations. It provides a valuable platform for British and Korean citizens to understand, appreciate and learn from each other’s heritage and culture. Witness the strength of diplomacy, cultural exchange and shared values that have united two nations for over a century.

This exhibition is only the beginning, and we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in the UK and Korea story. For the first time, a sequel exhibition is organised in Korea at the Seoul Hall of Urbanism and Architecture in collaboration with the Korean British Society and with the generous support of the Seoul Metropolitan City. This marks another historic and cultural moment in the enduring relationship between the United Kingdom and Korea. Please, join us for this remarkable journey!

(automatically generated) We didn’t review this event, but Timothy Holm did, here.

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