Power play – a group exhibition at the KCC and Delfina Foundation

The first major group exhibition, split across two London venues, explores the power dynamics at play in relationships between individuals, institutions and the state. By my reckoning, seven Korean artists have had residencies at Delfina Foundation. Two of them – Young In Hong and Geumhyung Jeong – have already had performances / exhibitions showing their […]

Jungki Beak in Delfina Foundation residency

Jungki Beak is the second Korean artist to have a residency at the Delfina Foundation in a programme supported by SongEun Art & Cultural Foundation. Jungki Beak residency 26 September — 18 December 2016 Delfina Foundation | 29-31 Catherine Place | London SW1E 6DY | delfinafoundation.com Driven by an interest in religion, Eastern philosophy, and […]