Choi Jeong-hwa Welcome in Wolverhampton

In his first solo show in a UK public gallery, Choi Jeong-hwa’s exhibition, Welcome, is also one of the first shows to be held in Wolverhampton Art Gallery’s new exhibition space. Choi has celebrated by wrapping the gallery in bright-coloured ribbons (below left) – a project reminiscent of his installation as part of the Seoul […]

Uncovering Wonderland

Review of the Asia House exhibition by Beccy Kennedy The multi-storey, multi-story exhibition of contemporary Korean art at Asia House, Through the Looking Glass, provides a multi-faceted Korean art experience, in terms of the media used and the themes approached by the artists. Independent curator, Jiyoon Lee, uses the looking glass as an audience-friendly metaphor […]

“Through the Looking Glass” panel discussion at Asia house

Yesterday morning’s panel session gave a priveleged1 insight into the work of some of the artists represented at the stimulating show at Asia House. Chaired by Beth McKillop of the V&A, the discussant panel included Alessio Antoniolli from Gasworks, Hans Ulrich Obrist from The Serpentine, curator Jiyoon Lee and artists Duck-hyun Cho, Yeondoo Jung, Jeong-hwa […]