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The artists at Spectrum

Here are brief details of the works and artists appearing in the Spectrum Korean Contemporary Arts show at the Jerwood Space, 14-18 December 2007. The details are extracted from the exhibition catalogue. Luca Sangjun Kim My paintings are focused on materialization of fundamental elements of painting applied. With the properties of paint as material, a … [Read More]

No Wonjogyoje, but lots of bum cleavage

You can’t use refined language when it comes to Seunghee Kang’s work. It’s vibrant, lively, robust, and anything but refined. The colours leap out at you, the images full of fun but also somehow disturbing. And it’s difficult to know what to make of them. The centrepiece of the “Odd Couple” show in Bermondsey is … [Read More]

The Odd Couple at Gallery Yujiro

Seunghee Kang, creator of the “farting Mrs Blair” embroidery at the Still Dynamics show at the Jerwood Space in December, is one half of the Odd Couple currently showing at Gallery Yujiro in Bermondsey. Here’s the press release. The Odd Couple 16 February – 21 April 2007 Gallery Yujiro | Studio Unit A502 Tower Point … [Read More]

Is it Mrs Blair who’s farting Hangul?

Prompted by Beccy Kennedy’s thoughtful comments on the Still Dynamics exhibition, I popped over the river to the Jerwood Space yesterday lunchtime. The result is this somewhat tabloid counterblast — hoping to prompt some more of you to go along to see it for yourself. The most eye-catching work in the show is Seunghee Kang’s … [Read More]

Korean art: Unstoppable forces and immovable objects

Still Dynamics: The Korean Contemporary Art Show The Jerwood Space, 14-20 December Review by Beccy Kennedy The serene setting of the Jerwood Space provides the perfect offset for the vivid works of eleven Korean artists. With the exception of Kira Kim’s light installation, I Love U, and Sangjun Roh’s miniature, cardboard people, the works are … [Read More]