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Artist talk: Advancing Lines: Constellation Links

In this discourse, we explore the concept of ‘Directionality’, which represents the trajectory from one celestial point to another. Among the foundational elements of form – point, line, and plane – it is the ‘line’ that carries a distinct sense of direction. These converging points, where directional lines intersect, radiate with a captivating brilliance reminiscent … [Read More]

Hemyeong: Constellation Links, at Bonhams

Bonhams is delighted to present a special exhibition of works by Korean artist Hemyeong Kim from 7 – 13 October 2023, supported by LG OLED. Hemyeong (Seong Heui Kim) is one of the most established artists in Korea. Having started with the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, her most notable clients range from … [Read More]