Lee Bum

Saturday 18 July. Lee Seung-yeon relaxes in the Kilburn Art Space in Kim Ki-duk’s 3 Iron (빈집) I think the activity of the previous two days, combined with the time difference, has finally caught up with me. After a slow start to the day I consult the helpful tourist information people in Insadong how best […]


YouTube Korea – Fighting

by Philip Gowman 26 January 2008

Congrats to the Metropolitician and Bum Lee on their YouTube Korea welcome video: Keywords: Artists: Lee Bum

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The art of Daechuri

by Philip Gowman 16 March 2007

Many thanks to David Kilburn for pointing out a video project by Bum Lee, animation artist and illustrator. It’s a short film that he shot at Daechuri, a farming village which is to be evacuated to make way for the expanded US base at Pyongtaek. David’s take: I found it creative both in film making […]

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