Lee Ufan’s first solo exhibition in the USA

Lee Ufan’s solo show at the Guggenheim (“Marking Infinity“) opens on 24 June and lasts till 28 September 2011. I’m hoping to get to the press preview. The video on the Guggenheim’s website, by curator Alexandra Munroe, is well worth a listen. Munroe introduces the exhibition as follows: Marking Infinity presents the work of artist-philosopher […]

Korean Eye: Moon Generation at the Saatchi Gallery

News of a big Korean contemporary art exhibition in a high profile gallery, with lots of big name artists, many of whom will be familiar to gallery-frequenters in London. I’ll do a proper article shortly, but in the meanwhile, here’s the official notice: EXHIBITION TO SHOWCASE KOREA’S PREMIER CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS FOR THE FIRST TIME ON […]

Lee Ufan at Lisson Gallery

A notice of an upcoming exhibition at the Lisson Gallery Lee Ufan 2 April — 10 May 2008 52-54 & 29 Bell Street Lisson Gallery is pleased to present new works by Lee Ufan in his latest solo exhibition in London. One of the most significant Asian artists of his generation, Lee’s exploration of “the […]

The Minimalist Fringe: Lee Ufan’s Biennale collateral show

Lee Ufan: Resonance Palazzo Palumbo Fossati Collateral Event in the 52nd Venice Biennale, 10 June – 21 November 2007 The Venice Biennale “Collateral Events” programme (Fringe, to you and me) is crammed with free exhibitions funded by generous sponsors. For example, while Tracy Emin flew the flag for Britain in the official British pavilion, there […]