Dream and Dreaming – their place in our lives

You are strongly encouraged to come along to this discussion on dreams and dreaming, to be introduced to Bongsu Park’s Dream Auction project and to explore the broader contexts of dream culture: Dream and Dreaming – their place in our lives Tuesday, 2 April 2019, 15:00-16:00 Wellcome Collection | 183 Euston Road | London NW1 […]

[Sheffield] Bongsu Park: Dream Auction performance

Saturday, 20 October 2018 from 19:00-21:30 | Facebook event page Access Space | Unit 1 | AVEC Building | 3-7 Sidney Street | Sheffield S1 4RG Doors open 7pm, performance 7.30-8.30pm. £5 on the door Full detail’s of Bongsu Park’s Dream Auction project can be found here. This is the opening performance, with further events, […]

Bongsu Park’s Dream Auction

Last year, Bongsu Park’s Internal Library project culminated in a fascinating and thought-provoking sequence of events in which members of the public were invited to share some of their most private thoughts – dreams, memories, secrets – which were then woven into a set of public performance at Notting Hill’s Print Room. Out of that […]

Call for writers – Bongsu Park’s INTERNAL LIBRARY project

Details of an interesting collaborative performance in July, taking place in that wonderful space the is the Print Room library / bar / venue under the Notting Hill Coronet cinema. Bongsu Park’s multi-disciplinary projects blur the boundaries between dance and performance art. Her most recent work to be performed in London was the two-part Crossing Over […]

Review: Bongsu Park’s Crossing Over – Ritual of Grief

Bongsu Park’s two-part work, Crossing Over – Ritual of Grief, is an ambitious piece lasting for almost two hours which saw its first performance spread over two weekends in two different locations during August. It blends contemporary electronic music with traditional Korean music, and contemporary dance with traditional Korean dance such as Salpuri. Appropriately enough […]

Bongsu Park: Emanate — at Mokspace

Mokspace presents the first new exhibition of 2013: Bongsu Park: Emanate Preview: Tuesday 8th January 2013. 6pm Exhibition Date: 4th January – 21st January 2013 / Opening Hours : 11am – 6pm, Every day Bongsu Park’s work seeks to address the fundamental questions of existence. Rather than applying a scientific or logical approach where analysis […]