Review: Bongsu Park’s Crossing Over – Ritual of Grief

Bongsu Park’s two-part work, Crossing Over – Ritual of Grief, is an ambitious piece lasting for almost two hours which saw its first performance spread over two weekends in two different locations during August. It blends contemporary electronic music with traditional Korean music, and contemporary dance with traditional Korean dance such as Salpuri. Appropriately enough […]

Bongsu Park: Emanate — at Mokspace

Mokspace presents the first new exhibition of 2013: Bongsu Park: Emanate Preview: Tuesday 8th January 2013. 6pm Exhibition Date: 4th January – 21st January 2013 / Opening Hours : 11am – 6pm, Every day Bongsu Park’s work seeks to address the fundamental questions of existence. Rather than applying a scientific or logical approach where analysis […]

Screening: One Fine Day | 화창한 날 – a short film on the life of a Korean artist living in London

This looks like a really interesting project. One of the organisers of this screening, Daeun Dani Kim of Alpha Art Association, describes it as “A short film on the life of a Korean artist living in London. Unpretentious and surprisingly humourous!” But watching the trailer below is really disorienting. You’re used to seeing films about […]

Grotesque Genome at Mokspace

A notice of Mokspace’s latest group show, opening 11 November. It’ll be nice to see the work of Jin Kim again. Grotesque Genome Opening Reception: 11 Nov 2011 18:00 -20:30 11-17 NOV 2011 @ MOKSPACE Mokspace is pleased to present their latest group exhibition Grotesque Genome with artists Bongsu Park, Jin Kim, Ilsu Hwang, Min […]