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Learning Korean with Alud: part 3

Did anybody else go to the Thames Festival the other week? I was tied up during the day, but managed to get to the Scoop not long before the screening of the Good The Bad and The Weird. Luckily before that I managed to catch the last 10 minutes or so of Sorea, where I … [Read More]

Learning Korean with Alud: part 2

Here’s a quick tip. A couple of weekends ago I found myself back in Seoul on a very last minute trip. So last minute in fact that I found out on the Saturday morning that I needed to go, and left that afternoon. After arriving on the Sunday, a quick sleep and then dinner, I’d … [Read More]

Learning Korean with Alud: part 1

So I walked into a restaurant and this ajumma put her arm around me all smiles and started talking to me like we had known each other forever. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel a bit, and picked up bits of languages here and there and always, always tried to pick up the basics of … [Read More]