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It’s not all grim up North

Darren Southcott discovers that North Korean refugees in the UK find life tough, particularly with looming spending cuts Food shortages and societal collapse have brought record numbers of refugees fleeing the grip of the North Korean regime, yet for many the short crossing of the Tumen River into China brings more the life of the … [Read More]

Paradise does not exist: the tough experience of north Koreans in the South – By Mihyun Jang

Thousands of North Korean refugees fleeing face a cold reality in South Korean society. Many are seeking refuge in 3rd countries, although strict asylum rules mean many eventually are forced to settle in the South without benefits or resettlement payments. By Mihyun Jang North Korean refugees in China According to the Unification Ministry of South … [Read More]

Transeurasian languages: are Japanese and Korean related?

Darren Southcott reports from the SOAS seminar given by Dr Martine Robbeets on 20 November: “Korean and the Transeurasian languages: similarities that make a difference”. With additional material from Peter Corbishley Korean and the Transeurasian languages was not the title of a talk designed to bring in the crowds. But slowly SOAS room G50 filled … [Read More]

Jeju’s destiny is set in stone

Darren Southcott, recently returned from a stint in Jeju-do, appreciates one of the island’s unique attractions: Jeju Stone Park In this age of globalisation, authentic Korea may seem elusive and challenging for the visitor to find, but there are many sites which seek to preserve the nation’s cultural spirit. Jeju Island, despite heavy tourist development, … [Read More]