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Review: 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism

Ha-Joon Chang: 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism Penguin, 2011, 304pp As a Cambridge University professor, Ha Joon Chang is of course highly specialized in his field of economics.  However, this book is written for the lay reader. The book is written in a very interesting format.  It comes as a series of … [Read More]

Report from the KCC Artist Talk: Shakespeare interpretations in East Asia

I hadn’t been to any of the events for Seoul in the City, part of this year’s City of London festival. The symposium at London’s Korean Cultural Centre for Shakespeare’s plays in contemporary East Asian languages seemed particularly interesting to me. My previous experience of Shakespeare in East Asia was confined to Ran, Akira Kurosawa’s … [Read More]

The challenges of marketing and translating Korean literature explored at the KCC

Shouvik Datta reports from the Korean Literature Forum at the KCCUK on 15 October. It was an interesting and well-attended discussion at the London Korean Cultural Centre on October 15, well chaired by the BBC journalist Samira Ahmed. My own knowledge of Korean literature is confined to the modern classic “Three Generations”, by Yom Sang-seop, … [Read More]

Ancient and modern ceramics at the KCC

Shouvik Datta reports from the talk on Korean ceramics at the KCC on 15 July, which was part of a series of events accompanying the current Moon Vase exhibition. It was a warm July day, and Ms Heena Youn, who is currently completing her PhD at SOAS (on a specialist area of ancient Chinese ceramics), … [Read More]

O Bang Saek – Shouvik Datta visits the opening event of the KAA exhibition

The exhibition and performance by the Korean Artists Association at the Korean Cultural Centre (Strand, London) on November 28, featured painting and displays of visual art, traditional Korean instruments and a performance of highly modern dance. The association was originally founded in 1997 by a group of Korean artists and poets to promote Korean culture … [Read More]

Aidan Foster-Carter on North Korea: Shouvik Datta reports from the recent LSE talk

Aidan Foster-Carter is an Honorary Research Fellow at Leeds University in Sociology and Social Policy, writes about Korea for the Economist Intelligence Unit and Oxford Analytica and contributed to ‘Exploring North Korean Arts’ (published 2011). I was therefore very interested when he came down from the major university in the North of England, to talk … [Read More]

Mark Morris on Lee Man-hee and the flowering of Korean film in the 1960s

Everybody in Britain has heard of Samsung computers or Hyundai cars. However, another aspect of South Korea today is its successful export of films, music and TV dramas to neighbouring countries, known as ‘Korean Wave’ or ‘Hallyu’. In order to get a Western perspective on Korean cinema, I visited the Korean Cultural Centre in London … [Read More]