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Selected publications by Paul French

Paul French discusses North Korea: State of Paranoia

A talk at the Fulham branch of the wonderful Daunt Books. I’m assuming this is a second edition of his Paranoid Peninsula. Paul French in conversation with Harriet Evans on North Korea: State of Paranoia Thursday 29th May, 7pm at Daunt Books Fulham Road North Korea continues to make headlines, arousing curiosity and fear in … [Read More]

Paul French: Chollima Speed to Slow Motion Famine

In Cambridge and London this week. First, Tuesday, 29th January, 2008 at 5pm in the Common Room, Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge. The University of Cambridge Department of East Asian Studies presents an East Asia Institute seminar: Paradise Lost: From Chollima Speed to Slow Motion Famine How North Korea Got … [Read More]

Paul French: North Korea – the paranoid peninsula

(Zed, 2005) Highly readable and wide-ranging book on North Korea. Describes clearly some of the eccentricities of the regime, such as the Sinuiju economic zone, and describes clearly for the benefit of non-economists how it is that a rigid centrally-planned economy is doomed to fail. Links: Buy North Korea: The Paranoid Peninsula at Amazon [Read More]