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From Porcelain to Palaces – A Journey Through the Cultural Heritage of the Joseon Dynasty

This session explores the cultural heritage of the Joseon Dynasty – a time that witnessed the flourishing of the arts. The dynasty was built on Confucian teaching and this led to new iconographical traditions and aesthetic preferences. The royal family’s patronage of art gave rise to great cultural achievements, artistic innovation and technological advancement. This … [Read More]

Conference: Art and Soft Power in the UK and South Korea

This conference examines the role and impact of Korean art and artefacts in the formulation of soft power and development of UK-South Korea relations. The conference questions how acquisitions and displays of Korean artefacts in museums in Korea and Britain are influenced by and in turn shape UK-South Korea public diplomacy and soft power agendas. … [Read More]

A look back at the 2018 literary year

A look back at the books and literary events of the year – and a summary of my reading diary. Literature in translation In translated fiction, my reading this year has not managed anywhere near to keep pace with the amount of translations being published. I know I said the same in respect of 2017 … [Read More]

Bargains at SOAS publishing workshop

It’s always worth turning up to an event when you know that book publishers are present. Brill, Saffron and Global Oriental were all present at the SOAS Korean publishing workshop on Monday. With Saffron selling their catalogue at half price on the night, and Global Oriental discounting everything to £20 (including the collected BAKS papers, … [Read More]