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Selected publications by Sang Young Park

  • Knockoff Viagra & Jeje (중국산 모조 비아그라와 제제 어디에도 고이지 못하는 소변에 대한 짧은 농담, 2018) tr Anton Hur, Strangers Press 2023
  • Love in the Big City (대도시의 사랑법, 2019) tr Anton Hur, Tilted Axis 2021

Translations available online

  • The Tears of an Unknown Artist, or Zaytun Pasta, Words Without Borders 2019

A look back at our 2021 reading diary

Looking back at this year, it’s been one of the best for new translations of Korean literature that I can remember. There have been at least ten new fiction titles, and unusually for me I managed to get through all the titles I was intending to. All of them are recommendable in their different ways. … [Read More]

Literature and poetry in translation titles for 2021: more than a dozen to look forward to!

This is now LKL’s fifth annual post that looks at the literature and fiction titles we’re looking forward to over the coming twelve months. Since last year we’ve made things easier for ourselves by investing some time building a book database that aims to catalogue all physical publications of Korean literature in translation, as well … [Read More]