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A Washed-out Dream

Author: , , , , , , , , ,
Translated by:
Publisher: , 1980.
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Contains exactly the same stories and translations as Ten Korean Short Stories, with the addition of an eleventh, Ha Keun-chan’s The White Paper Beard. However, you may find the other publication easier to track down. The White Paper Beard is available in the collection Two Travellers – though that’s pretty hard to track down too.

Chang Yong-hak: The Poetry of John / Poems of John the Baptist
Ch’oe In-ho: Another Man’s Room
Ha Keun-chan: The Suffering of Two Generations / Ill-fated father and son
Hwang Sun-won: Cranes
Hyeon Jin-geon: A Lucky Day
Kim Dong-in: Potatoes / Sweet Potato
Kim Dong-ni: The Rock / The Crag
Kim Seung-ok: Record of a journey to Mujin
Shin Sang-ung: Pyeon’s Death
Son Chang-sop: A washed-out dream
Ha Keun-chan: The white paper beard

Source: Worldcat