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Am I Not Your Sin (K-Poet 31)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2023
Original title: 당신의 죄는 내가 아닙니까, 2023
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As the 31st volume of the K-Poet series, poet Choi Ji-in’s 『Isn’t Your Sin Me?』 was published. This is her third collection of poems after “I Slept Against the Wall” and “Work, Work, Love.” If his previous collection of poems specifically portrayed the voices of the young generation living in the 21st century, in this collection of poems, the landscape of the world he listens to has become wider and deeper. They are like the voices of ordinary human beings who are passing through a world of predicament that seems impossible to affirm when they struggle not to collapse in the end. It contains 21 poems, poet’s notes, “Conversations with a Poet,” a record of a conversation with essayist Yang Juan, and commentary by critic Ko Myung-chul.

Source: Kyobo books / Bing translate

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