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An Empty House: Korean-American Poetry

Editor: Yearn Hong Choi
Publisher: , 2008
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From the publisher’s website:

A sequel to Fragrance of Poetry, a much acclaimed poetry collection, An Empty House contains ninety-four poems by twelve Korean-American poets. It is a work that represents significant thought, effort, and collaboration. Poems in this volume show the breadth and depth of Korean-American poets’ homesickness, grief, pain, and joy of life in lyricism. With nostalgia at the heart of their poetry, the poets sing the praise of the “dailyness of life”—small, sparkling moments that pass every day. They also share sorrows of the victims’ families of the Virginia Tech rampage in April 2007 and the tragedy of the on-going war against terror.


Dr. Yearn Hong Choi has published four poetry books in both English and Korean. His poems have appeared in Poetry USA, PEN International, dIS*orient, Mildred, Wyoming, Washington Post, World & I, among others, and have been translated into Portuguese and published in Brazil. He edited Mother and Dove, Korean-American Poetry Anthology (Institute for Korean-American Culture, 1997), Surfacing Sadness: A Centennial of Korean-American Literature (Homa & Sekey Books, 2003) with Haeng Ja Kim, and Fragrance of Poetry: Korean-American Literature (Homa & Sekey Books, 2005).

PRAISE FOR Fragrance of Poetry

“Poetry that crosses cultures… The words of these 15 Korean poets will…open cracks in the walls that surround us. That is no mean achievement.”
— Washington Times
“First-generation Korean immigrants sing solitude, nostalgia & love.”
— The Korean Times

LKL adds: according to Goodreads, the following poets are represented: Yon-Hong Choe, Yun Whi Chung, Monica Sohn, Chun U Yi, Insuk Kang, Haeng Ja Kim, Chong Cha Lee, Sook Young Lim, Soon Paik, Anne Park, Yang Ja Park, Se Woong Ro

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