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Colonial Rule and Social Change in Korea 1910-1945

From the publisher’s website:

Colonial Rule and Social Change in Korea 1910-1945 highlights the complex interaction between indigenous activity and colonial governance, emphasizing how Japanese rule adapted to Korean and missionary initiatives, as well as how Koreans found space within the colonial system to show agency. Topics covered range from economic development and national identity to education and family; from peasant uprisings and thought conversion to a comparison of missionary and colonial leprosariums. These various new assessments of Japan’s colonial legacy may open up new and illuminating approaches to historical memory that will resonate not just in Korean studies, but in colonial and postcolonial studies in general, and will have implications for the future of regional politics in East Asia.

Hong Yung Lee is the author of several texts including Politics of Chinese Cultural RevolutionClark W. Sorensen is director of the Korean Studies Department at the University of Washington. He is the general editor for the Center for Korea Studies Publication Series and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Korean StudiesYong-chool Ha is the Korea Foundation Professor of Korean Social Science at the University of Washington. He has edited or co-authored many books including New Perspectives on International Studies in Korea. The other contributors include Mark E. Caprio, Keunsik Jung, Dong-No Kim, Keong-Il Kim, Ki-seok Kim, Kim Kwang-ok, Yong-Jick Kim, Seong-cheol Oh, and Myoung-Kyu Park.

LKL adds: the collection contains the following essays:

Hong Yung Lee: Introduction: a critique of “Colonial Modernity”
Yong-Chool Ha: Colonial Rule and Social Change in Korea: The paradox of colonial control
Yong-jick Kim: Politics of Communication and the Colonial Public Sphere in 1920s Korea
Seong-cheol Oh and Ki-seok Kim: Expansion of elementary schooling under colonialism: top down or bottom up?
Dong-no Kim: National identity and class interest in the peasant movements of the colonial period
Mark E Caprio: The 1920 colonial reforms and the June 10 (1926) Movement: A Korean search for ethnic space
Keongil Kim: Japanese assimilation policy and thought conversion in colonial Korea
Keunsik Jung: “Colonial Modernity” and the hegemony of the body politic in leprosy relief work
Kwang-ok Kim: Colonial body and indigenous soul: religion as a contested terrain of culture
Clark W Sorensen: The Korean family in colonial space – caught between modernization and assimilation

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