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Drums of War, Drums of Development: The Formation of a Pacific Ruling Class and Industrial Transformation in East and Southeast Asia, 1945-1980

Publisher: , 2018
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In Drums of War, Drums of Development, Jim Glassman analyses the geopolitical economy of industrial development in East and Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War era, showing how it was shaped by the collaborative planning of US and Asian elites. Challenging both neo-liberal and neo-Weberian accounts of East Asian development, Glassman offers evidence that the growth of industry (the ‘East Asian miracle’) was deeply affected by the geopolitics of war and military spending (the ‘East Asian massacres’). Thus, while Asian industrial development has been presented as providing models for emulation, Glassman cautions that this industrial dynamism was a product of Pacific ruling class manoeuvring which left a contradictory legacy of rapid growth, death, and ongoing challenges for development and democracy.

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  • Introduction: From the Drums of War to the Drums of Development

Part 1 Theoretical Moorings: Geo-political Economy, the Military-Industrial Complex, and the Ruling Class

  • Chapter 1: Reconstituting Geo-political Economy
  • Chapter 2: The US Military-Industrial Complex and the Ruling Class

Part 2 Foundations of the Pacific Ruling Class and East Asian Industrialisation: Anticommunism and the Formation of Construction States in East Asia

  • Chapter 3: Pacific Ruling Class Formation: The United States, Japan, and China
  • Chapter 4: Expansion of the Pacific Complex: The Entry of the South Korean Chaebol (with Young-Jin Choi)

Part 3 The Pacific Ruling Class and Regional Development: Expansion of the Pacific Ruling Class and Authoritarian, Anticommunist Developmentalism

  • Chapter 5: Regional Allies and Differing Developmental Paths within the Complex: Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore
  • Chapter 6: Regional Mosaic: War, Hierarchy, and Pacific Ruling Class Formation
  • Conclusion: The Drums of Development and Capitalist Globalisation

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