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Gold Rush (K-Fiction 030)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2021
Original title: 골드러시, 2021
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“Gold Rush” by Su-jin Seo, an epic of the cool end The 30th work of K-Fiction. Writer Seo Su-jin’s short story ‘Gold Rush’ tells the story of Seo-in and Jin-woo, a couple living in Australia. Writer Sujin Seo started her work after receiving the Hankyoreh Literary Award in 2020 for 『Korean Teacher』, and currently lives in Sydney, Australia. The English translation was done by Miseri Jeon, and a short commentary by literary critic Seonwoo Eunsil is included. Seo-in and Jin-woo, lovers in <Gold Rush>, meet on a working holiday in Australia, return to Korea for a while, register their marriage, and dream of returning to Australia to settle down. The two hoped for a future together, but their concrete vision of the future was slightly different. Because of that, even in the present, they start to diverge little by little, and then they experience a big conflict. Nevertheless, they do not completely break up and depict the scene of a short trip after spending time with each other. The unexpected scenes encountered on this trip leave a deeper and deeper impression than the conflict that erupts. What kind of future will the two go into after that? In the commentary, literary critic Seon Woo Eun-sil said, “Even at the point of ‘No more future’, vague expectations for the future do not completely end any relationship now, and the uncertainty of life toward the future continues life in that way.” He says he gets to know him little by little through the novel. 

Source: Kyobo / Google translate

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