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He Gave Me Roses of the Balkans (Bi-lingual, Vol 72 – Taboo and Desire)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2014
Original title: 발칸의 장미를 내게 주었네
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The kids want to go too, and I can’t stand it anymore. If my mouth had not been full of coffee, I probably would have spat out, What? right there. I think it was from that moment on that I felt like I was in some sort of play whenever I was with my wife. I looked her in the eyes. She didn’t look away.I think I have to tell you. I can’t stand you anymore. Everything. The way you eat your soup, the part in your hair I see when you bend your head, the way you laugh, the way you sleep, the way you read your newspaper lying on your belly. Everything. When I look at you, I feel awful that you’re living with a woman like me. And I can’t stand that anymore either. I suddenly realized that Brahms was playing in the living room.

Not currently available on Kindle. Best bet is Seoul Selection as the US Amazon price is unreasonable at the moment

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