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How K-Dramas Can Transform Your Life: Powerful Lessons on Belongingness, Healing, and Mental Health

Publisher: , expected Apr 2024
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Discover the power of how K-Dramas can benefit your mental health and provide a sense of belonging

In How K-Dramas Can Transform Your Life, celebrated licensed mental health professional Jeanie Y. Chang explores the powerful interrelationship between Korean dramas, mental health, and belongingness. In the book, you’ll explore what K-Dramas have to teach us about our own wellbeing and how we can use the lessons they teach us to live better and more meaningful lives.

The author discusses:

  • How powerful and dialectical forces determine our emotions and what Korean culture can teach us about how to best harness and manage those feelings
  • The realities of cultural identity and the impact that having readily identifiable media touchstones can have on our lives
  • How to develop your empathy and compassion by using K-Dramas as a guide and starting point

Perfect for any K-Drama fans and enthusiasts, How K-Dramas Can Transform Your Life is also a must-read for anyone interested in how pop culture can deeply affect and better our lives.

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