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How to Break Up Like a Winner (K-Fiction 024)

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Publisher: , 2019.
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Emotions of Love
b Farewell farewell, story of people who can not break apart b

February 2019, K-fiction is the twenty-fourth piece, Baek Young-oks ”

Baek Young-ok is a novelist, “Cat Shanti,” who won the Literary Neighborhood New Artist Award and started his work. In 2008, he won the 4th World Literature Prize for his first full-length novel, “Style.” He has been a writer for many readers since he represents various contemporary novels and novels. Baek Young-ok discusses lovers in the hyperlinked society that can not be separated even if they are connected to SNS such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter through “Affective Emotions”.

Tae-hee breaks out with her lover Jong-soo and starts swimming to overcome the breakup, she studies Japanese and joins in-house study group. However, in the busy daily life of Tae Hee, Tae Hees desire to confirm his current situation through the SNS of the chaos, as well as the news of the Chae Soo who comes into play, conflicts with Tae-hee in distress and conflict.

An Seo-hyeon literary critic commented that in the commentary on “love emotion,” this story by Baek Young-ok writes not only love and customs of this age but also eternal nature of the word “love” It is said that it also says. It is said that it is expressed as emotion science when Tae-hee, who is ill of interpretation as ex-boyfriend syndrome, shakes him and walks and slowly reads down his mind in a calm manner.