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Imaging Migration in Post-War Britain: Artists of Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese Heritage

This book examines the artistic practices of a range of British-based artists of East Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese) heritage in order to consider the social, political and cultural effects of migration or diaspora upon their creative production.

Beccy Kennedy-Schtyk demonstrates three themes: the multiplicity and expansive contemporaneity of these artists’ visual oeuvres; the physical impact or interpretation of migratory circumstances upon their evolving practices; and the necessity to continue to evolve ways of thinking about migration, race and border crossings in the current political climate of the twenty-first century.

The book will be of interest to scholars studying art history, Asian studies, British studies, migration and diaspora studies, and cultural studies.

Beccy Kennedy-Schtyk is a senior lecturer in Art History and Curating at Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University.

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  1. Changing Conceptualizations of Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Art Migrations: Britain and Beyond
  2. Border (En)counters: Visualising Boundaries in Artistic Practice
  3. Outside Chinatown: Shifting Factors and Considerations of Chinese British Artists
  4. Korean Careers: The Cultural Wave in Britain
  5. Moving Between: Negotiations of Migratory Experiences of ‘Home and Away’ by Artists from China, Korea and Japan
  6. Beyond the Between: Post-National Identity and Expansive Contemporaneities in British ‘Diasporic Art’

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