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Key Papers on Korea: Essays Celebrating 25 Years of the Centre of Korean Studies, SOAS, University of London

Key Papers on Korea is a commemorative collection of papers celebrating 25 years of the Centre of Korean Studies (CKS), SOAS, University of London that have been written by senior academics and emerging scholars. The subjects covered in this collection reflect the different research interests and different strengths of the CKS and include historical perceptions of ancient kingdoms in Manchuria, North Korean propaganda literature, the problematic history of Sino-North Korean borderlands, the millenarian aspects of Won Buddhism, and the importance of the years 1910-11 in the development of Korean music. The collection is framed by two pieces on SOAS, which have been commissioned exclusively for this publication: an introduction that examines the 60-year history of Korean studies at SOAS, and a closing paper that sheds light on the rare collections of Korean art held at SOAS.

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  1. Introduction: Sixty Years of Korean Studies at SOAS – Andrew David Jackson

Part one: History

  1. Introduction: History – Andrew David Jackson
  2. Tobacco and the Gift Economy of Seoul Merchants in the Late Nineteenth Century – Owen Miller
  3. India as Viewed by Ancient and Mediaeval Koreans – Focussing on the Karak Kukki (Records of Karak State) – Vladimir Tikhonov
  4. Northern Territories and the Historical Understanding of Territory in Late Chosŏn – Anders Karlsson
  5. Nation, Ethnicity, and the Post-Manchukuo Order in the Sino-Korean Border Region – Charles Kraus and Adam Cathcart

Part two: North Korea

  1. Introduction: North Korea – Andrew David Jackson
  2. Rousing the Reader to Action: North Korean Wartime Literature – Jerôme de Wit
  3. State Power and Hegemonic Values: Media Coverage of the Super Bowl and Arirang Mass Games – Andray Abrahamian
  4. How North Korea Made its English-Korean Dictionary – Lee Heejae

Part three: Literature, philosophy and society

  1. Introduction: Literature, Philosophy and Society – Andrew David Jackson
  2. The Task and Risk of Translating Classical Korean sijo: Yun Sŏndo and Hwang Chini – Hye-Joon Yoon
  3. Wandering Bodies, Wondering Minds – the Body, Territory and National Identity in Pak T’aewŏn, Ch’oe Inhun and Chu Insŏk’s Stories about Kubo – Justyna Najbar-Miller
  4. Reviving the Confucian Spirit of Ethical Practicality: Tasan’s Notions of Sŏng (‘Nature’) and Sim (‘Heart/Mind’) and their Political Implication – Daeyeol Kim
  5. Shamans, Ghosts and Hobgoblins Amidst Korean Folk Customs – Michael J. Pettid

Park four: Music, heritage and art

  1. Introduction: Music, Heritage and Art – Andrew David Jackson
  2. The Five Surviving P’ansori Repertoires: Themes, Issues and the Connection to India – Dorothea Suh
  3. 1910–1911: Years that Changed Seoul’s Music – Sung-Hee Park
  4. Heritage Practices during the Park Chung Hee Era – Codruţa Sîntionean
  5. Korean Art Objects at SOAS – Charlotte Horlyck

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