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Korean Women: View from the Inner Room

From the preface:

This collection of articles presents an amazing variety of female roles and certainly belies the stereotype of the powerless and dependent Korean woman. Korean women, whether ideologically confined to the inner rooms or cast out to the periphery of society, created for themselves positions of influence radiating across the narrow ideological and social confines of the Confucian family. Insiders or outsiders? As everywhere else, right in the mainstream of life.


Preface | Martina Deuchler
Introduction: “Traditional Korean Women” – A Reconsideration | Laurel Kendall and Mark Peterson

  1. Two Early Genealogies and Women’s Status in Early Yi Dynasty Korea | Edward W Wager
  2. Women without Sons: A Measure of Social Change in Yi Dynasty Korea | Mark Peterson
  3. Minmyonuri: The Daughter-in-Law Who Comes of Age in Her Mother-in-Law’s Household | Youngsook Kim Harvey
  4. Women, Men, Inside, Outside: The Division of Labor in Rural Central Korea | Clark Sorensen
  5. The Autonomous Women: Divers on Cheju Island | Haejoang Cho
  6. Korean Ancestors: From the Woman’s Side | Laurel Kendall
  7. The Korean Shaman: Image and Reality | Brian Wilson
  8. Formal and Informal Korean Society: A Reading of Kisaeng Songs | David R McCann
  9. City Women and Divination: Signs in Seoul | Barbara E Young
  10. Korean Women, Conflict, and Change: An Approach to Development Planning | Hesung Chun Koh

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