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Land (Vols 1, 2 and 3)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2009
Original title: 토지, 1969-94
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Global Oriental is pleased to announce publication of the English translation of Part I (in three volumes) of Pak Kyung-ni’s Land (T’oji). Originally published in five parts, the work is widely regarded as a masterpiece of Korean literature and has achieved unprecedented popularity in Korea. The epic follows the fortunes and misfortunes of several generations of villagers of a traditional farming community, and at the same time chronicles Korea’s tumultuous history from 1897 to 1945. Part I, which is a self-contained story and considered the most powerful example of her writing, deals with the first ten years of the Ch’oe farming household and opens with the village celebration of the Harvest Moon Festival.

LKL says:

First, I think this it’s tremendous that this project has been undertaken. But the plot moves at a glacial pace, with a cast of thousands to keep tabs on, and if you like a story with pace this is not for you. For someone with surplus time on their hands it’s as good a way as any to soak up plenty of that surplus.

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