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Modern Far Eastern Stories

Editor: Chung Chong-wha
Author: , , , ,
Translated by:
Publisher: , 1978
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Publisher description:

This anthology of carefully-selected modern stories offers the reader a glimpse into Far Eastern literature that has hitherto been largely unexplored.

These stories by contemporary writers, which have been translated by specialists who mostly are or were faculty members of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, reveal the social phenomena in the modernization of China, life and human relationships in present-day Mongolia, Korea, as well as ancient and modern Japan.

Each section contains an informative introduction provided valuable background and insight into the stories, which will be of interest both to students of Asian literature and the general reader.

LKL adds: the collection contains the following stories

From Korea:

  • Sŏnu Hŭi: The Revelation  
  • Kim Seung-ok: Seoul, 1964, Winter 
  • Kim Dong-ni: The Shaman Painting / Picture of a Shaman Sorceress 
  • Kim Yu-jeong: Spring, Spring 
  • Hwang Sun-won: Snow

From China:

  • Duan Quan-fa: The “Top Candidate” Moves His Wife
  • Ma Feng: The Sun Has Just Risen
  • Lie Zip’ei Between Rivals
  • Jun Qing: Red Cliff, White Snow

From Japan:

  • Inoue Yasushi: The History of the Sea Journey to the Isle of Hodaraku
  • Kikuchi Hiroshi: Laughter
  • Shiga Naoya: Grey Moon
  • Funahashi Seiichi: No Wind

From Mongolia:

  • Chadraabalyn Ladoidamba: What did the tear mean?
  • Tsendiin Damdinsuren: The Lama’s Holy Water
  • Sambuugiin Badraa: The Fine

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